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Monday, 20 February 2012

GoDaddy: Success and Controversy

The American company Go Daddy is the flagship of The Go Daddy Group Inc. It is probably most widely known for its raunchy and controversial advertising campaigns which the founder describes as “fun and a little inappropriate”. The company is extremely successful; they have over 10 million customers and are currently the largest hosting and domain provider on the web. In this article I will explore the growth and rise of this successful Arizonian based company.

The Company was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons and was originally called Jomax Technologies, it was funded through the sale of Parsons first company; Parsons Technology. The name of the company changed to Go Daddy in 1999 after a brainstorming session took place; with the aim of producing a catchier name. Someone suggested “Big Daddy” and when it was discovered that this name was already taken Bob Parsons himself offered up the rather bizarre but memorable name: Go Daddy. He said he liked the name because “It made people smile and they remembered it”

Go Daddy is a budget Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company. They also sell e-business related software including; email addresses, website templates and SSL certificates and security. Go Daddy helps businesses to create and grow their online presence by selling domains. Their successful marketing campaign at the Super Bowl in 2005 helped boost their sales and by April 2005 they overtook the market leader; Network Solutions and become the world’s leading domain registrar. With an estimated ten million active customers Go Daddy has also become the top hosting provider in North America and the world’s main provider of SSL certificates. It was recorded that in 2010 Go Daddy had more than 45 million domain names under management and at the end of 2011 a report estimated an increase to over 51 million. In fact statistics show that Go Daddy registers transfers or renews more than one domain name every second. These statistics mean that a staggering one-third of the internet runs through Go Daddy’s servers. They are a large and successful company with over 3,460 employees and 500 in-house developers. They have eight facilities in a variety of American states and the headquarters are based in Arizona. The company prides itself on their 24 hour customer service and affordable prices which are no doubt big contributors to the enormous success of the company. These attributes have one them many awards including; being named best domain registrar for 2012 at gaining a place on the “Inc. 500/5000” 2011 list for the 8th year in a row, Best Security Team 2011 Finalist in the Better Business Bureau of Greater Arizona Business Ethics Awards, and Net App 2011 Innovation Awards: Innovator of the Year.

Go Daddy’s marketing campaigns have often been described as sexual and controversial and some have been banned. The company employs a variety of celebrity women to help promote Go Daddy. The first and most famous is Candice Michelle who has often been referred to as the original ‘Go Daddy Girl’. Since then many women have been featured in the adverts. This year brought us another controversial advert which was aired once at the Super Bowl but then deemed too inappropriate and was banned from television. This only strengthened Go Daddy’s marketing campaign as people were redirected to the Go Daddy website to view the raunchy banned ad and this actually created more business for them. Go Daddy also has a long history of giving to charity. They support a variety of charities including; child crises, Salvation Army and children’s hospitals. They also gave a large sum of cash to Haiti victims after the earthquake. This charity work is not only very kind but also strengthens the image of the company and probably brings in even more custom.

With 51 million customers and one third of the world’s internet space this hugely successful company shows no signs of slowing down.

By: Laura Mitchell

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