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Ideas and Project Associates

Shoutout- Entrepreneurship aims to help entrepreneurs follow their dreams and better the planet
Shoutout tries to recruit entrepreneurs who believe to have a sustainable, planet friendly business idea.

We then go into partnership, giving our advice and expertise to try and help their idea
grow, benefiting them and the planet.

We engage with change making ideas helping turn them into an ethic and humanity conscious business for the betterment of humanity.

Campaigning and publicity 

ShoutoutUK will offer all its tools and expertise to the entrepreneurial partner.
This will include campaign, new media and website development.

Money, payment and costing

ShoutoutUK normally will not require payment for any of its services from an entrepreneurial partner, effectively offering its services for free in this situation.

Shoutout UK does require that a percentage of business earning or produce go to
the betterment of humanity or the world.

This percentage being 60%, after breakeven costs.

If you wish to apply with an idea 


 wish to help/become a partner with a current project

Please apply using the form below

SHOUT OUT UK: Providing an alternative voice. Support US


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