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ShoutoutUK produces and publicises articles voicing the opinion of the citizen. If you have a strong opinion on how to fix the world, Britain or just your community and would like to voice it, ShoutoutUK can help. ShoutoutUK offers free editing and design help to its contributors. To view published articles, please look below (click on the authors names to view their articles)


Political Studies student at Aberystwyth University, with intrests in sudden politcal developments all around the globe. Key intrest in journalism and politcal commentary.

ShoutoutUk's Founder and Director. Enjoys Politics and  commenting on the absurd and  shocking.

David Breed is a postgraduate student at the Univerisy of Colorado at Denver studying Political Science with a concentration in International Relations.

harry cathead - country gumption.
A jobbing political masters graduate with a staunchly realistic view

A keen writer who hopes of one day becoming a respected photojournalist.
A former actress, Rosie has always enjoyed writing both fiction and non-fiction for a range of audiences. She aspires to one day being able to work full time as a writer and reviewer.

Human rights lawyer in the making, with a keen interest in political and legal news. Swears overtly, hates passionately.
I study English Language and Journalism at University and I'm an aspiring writer, most interested in covering world news and sports.
An aspiring writer based in the North-West of England. Currently at university studying History and Politics and can often be found glued to her laptop with a cup of tea in hand.

Tom Randall
Lancaster University student, reading Philosophy and Politics.
Student of Arabic and Linguistics, former expat, writer and blogger

Aspiring Political Journalist and first year politics student at Reading University.

Actor studying at University of Cumbria. Also aspiring to be a contemporary playwright and theatre critic

Tuuli is currently studying politics and international relations in Royal Holloway University. He is a passionate street dancer and hopes to incorporate his creativity into all aspects of life. 

I am a university student who aspires to work in the media industry after graduating. I believe in news should be  raw and  real.
An English Language undergraduate student at University of Gloucestershire. Marxist, not a liberal.
A secondary school student and Labour party member, hoping to study for a degree in Economics, currently lives in south London. Keen environmentalist 

Postgraduate law student at Oxford University and aspiring human rights lawyer. Broad range of interests including law, politics and international affairs.

A recent graduate of the College of Europe in European Interdisciplinary Studies, previously having studied European Union Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

SHOUT OUT UK: Providing an alternative voice. Support US


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