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- Executive Director and Founder -
Matteo Bergamini
Matteo Bergamini is a fellow of the global issues think-tank, Civitatis International. Matteo has interned for Simon Hughes MP, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats at both his constituency and parliamentary office. Presently he has set up a Liberal Society in Brunel university, where he is studying Politics and History.

- Director of Communications -
James Tennent
James Tennent is a writer, currently studying Arabic and Linguistics at the University of Westminster. He grew up as an Expat in the Middle East. As well as writing for shoutoutuk he writes a fortnightly column on the Middle East for and sometimes blogs more creative things. 

- Director of Marketing & recruitment -
Sean Barry
Sean Barry is a social media and marketing consultant and a political activist. When he isn't promoting websites, Sean campaigns on local and national political issues. 

- Sub-Editor -
Bryony Cottam
Bryony Cottam is a writer and photographer currently living in France, where she presents a triweekly cultural radio show. Her interests are in French and Russian current affairs, travel writing and music

- Graphics Designer -
Alex Kourtis
I'm currently studying Graphic Design and do freelance work in my spare time. Hoping to someday make an impact in the world of design.

- IT Consultant -
Giedrius Kartanovic
Giedrius Kartanovic is a freelance web developer currently studying IT in MidKent College. Giedrius enjoys working in the IT industry, especially developing unique websites. He also enjoys playing musical instruments and composing his own music.

SHOUT OUT UK: Providing an alternative voice. Support US


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